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Happy Holidays to all!
NOV/DEC 2008

What a historical, hysterical, heart wrenching, heart warming, bitter, sweet year this has been! As always, this issue is small to make room for the GOC traditional desk calendar.

We'd like to thank all our editors for their contributions this year. From the other side of the globe thank you, Per & Elly Kjellqvist, for your wonderful website: www.kjellqvist.ch In keeping with the spirit of the season, if you are interested in the foundation of early Christian faith, please click on their "Blog" page, it is fascinating. Travel with them to "Bethany, beyond the Jordan" and the Dead Sea…..

Thank you, Juan Carlos Arjona, from Spain, for the photos of your upkeep and maintenance. We are excited that your Gulfstar will be in next years 2009 Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge, departing Vigo, at the end of April. The gorgeous "URUBAMBA", a 60ft Aux. Gulfstar, will travel 7000 nautical mi.! See photos at www.urubamba.com and click on his "Regatas" page for more information. This is one Regatta that members should follow and be proud!

Speaking of following….how about the Wheeler family! Their articles and adventures just keep coming, and Amy & Marshall just keep growing physically and mentally with each new port of call, country, and discovery. What a joy it has been to share your journey with our families, and pass on the love of boating and education. If you haven't, I suggest you go immediately to their website with your children or grandchildren…or dig out the last few issues of Docklines to share their stories. Their website is: www.4wheelersailing.com even better, visit their more recent blog spot: 4wheelersailing.blogspot.com Relive the first time you took the helm from your Dad in "Cruising Realities". Mark & Susan, thank you for sharing your vision and dreams with us!

On a more local note, big thanks to Harmon Heed for his Jan. 2008 article, "To Air is Human". This most valuable article on inflatable PFD's with harness and tether could quite possibly, someday, save one of our members' lives. It was the most important article of the year, and not enough appreciation was give to the author, so thank you,
Harmon and you are right, "To be safe is divine". Stay tuned for next years' new contributing editor, Carolyn Frazier (43 TWLR1975) writing about the real realities of living aboard in…………."Where's my Margarita?"


PB Blaster can eat away engine seals, transmission seals, and paper cups. Keep it far away from any output shafts, engine seals and/or seals you don't want leaking.

Interlux received product registration approval from the EPA for an antifouling paint with a new copper-free antifouling agent called ECONEA, which will be part of their Pacifica line. It can also be used on aluminum hulls.

O2Cool - It is a 10 inch fan that will run on D cell batteries, 12 volts or 110 volts with adapter. The good news is when running on high (12v) it will draw less than 0.5 amps! and yes, the fans name is O2Cool and is available at Walmart in the fan section.

Mariners: Marina Directories, fuel prices, and ICW shoaling info can be found on www.cruisersnet.net Thanks, Claiborne S. Young for your up to date informative website, and hope you are on the mend and feeling better, too! It is always our pleasure to promote Claiborne!

Thank you Charlie Johnson & Chris Caldwell for monitoring our website question & answer forum. Both so busy, and still accommodating. You rock!

And thank you, Bill (Gutknecht), for sharing years of Gulfstar nautical knowledge with club members, new and old!

TrawlerExpo & Stuart Boat Show (Fla.)
               January 9-11, 2009

GOC Member, Alyse Caldwell will present:

Friday 11am-12pm Confessions of a Galley Slave
3pm-4pm Provisioning for the Long Haul

Saturday 2pm-3pm ICW Cruising Tips (both)

GOC Member, Chris Caldwell will present:

Saturday 9am-10am Basic Knots
2pm- 3pm ICW Cruising Tips (both)

Sunday 11am-12pm How to Select Current Anchor

We'll be attending this show and saving a table Friday and Saturday night for any GOC members who come to support the Caldwell's and enjoy the seminars. The Hampton Inn is $99, and dockage is 50% off. Email, or call our office, if you plan on attending. More info at: www.gulfstaroc.org

If you can't make Trawler Expo, well, Jan.22-24th is TrawlerFest in Hutchinson Island (Stuart) FL. This show is not as "economical" as the Trawler Expo (Hotels $174 and $400ea for the 3 day pkg)

Please email gulfstaroc@aol.com or call 727-347-4602 if you'd like a GOC Spring Rendezvous, if not, we'll keep referring boat shows.

Our freedoms are enjoyed because of the courage of our service men and women now, yesterday and tomorrow. We honor you Nov 11th, Veterans Day, and everyday.

Enjoy your 2009 Club Calendar!
Our new address is: 6709 1st Avenue South, St. Pete, FL 33707

Dick Conley (44MC1979 "OUR PLEASURE II"): Merry Christmas to me.....no more boat odor! I installed the Fresh Flush unit, and it works so well I'm installing another one under the vanity.

If you have 10"x10" wall space, hose, SS clamps, and an hour, you too can have an odorless boat! This unit eliminates raw water usage. It is a small, virtual, fresh water remote toilet tank that taps right into an existing fresh water supply (vanity, shower, or tub). More info and discounts in next issue. For quick info, group discount, free shipping
call Gene (412)-492-1695 or email: KSMD112@aol.com


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